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The look on this girl’s face says it all. That is, if you’ve seen that look before. There is no mistaking it once you recognize it. She is turned on to her core. She wants cock and she wants it right now, she is craving it, starved for it and it would be the same even if she had it 10 minutes ago.

That is the look of insatiable lust that will never be tamed. The definitely not relationship material kind of girl but the most incredible one night stand or no strings attached fuck buddy you could find.

She’s about to take a load all over her face and not only is she ready for it, it’s what’s she been working towards.

Checkout this $9.95 membership to 1000 Facials where the name gives away the plot, except, fuck only knows what the genius was behind the number. Some Brainiac probably just thought it sounds cool and never considered anything beyond it but then again, nobody clicks on a porn site because of the anticipated intellectual stimulation it might provide.

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