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For the longest time the Tugpass network used to be exclusively about handjobs and as they added additional sites and grew from a single site to a network the new sites were all handjob sites of different varieties. By the looks of things they have now started diversifying. It’s clear that they never stopped growing.

These guys have been around for a long time and perhaps fly a little bit under the radar. I kind of feel like they should be more visible as they are quite a bit better than one might suspect.

You probably didn’t know about the diversification either so I’m not going to name those sites and spoil it for you but I do want to mention that you can save 81% now with a Tug Pass discount. That is one hell of a saving and makes the network more than just a little affordable, that’s pretty much for free and yes, that price includes all of the sites.

Also, yes, I know you’re going to want to know who she is because she is crazy hot: Rachele Richey.

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That really was the first thing that impressed me. There are many sites out there dedicated to blowjob porn but the visual quality of the content at this site is really impressive and sets them apart from the bulk.

And that is really something that is absolutely critical in any high competition industry, which is basically all industries. There has to be at least one critical component that sets you apart from the rest or most of them at least. Something that makes me, the consumer, rather use your products or services than that of your competition.

I’m carrying on like I’m an over-zealous final year student of a business management major šŸ˜€

Back to the porn right, that’s what we’re here for after all. So here’s another important bit: You can currently get membership to Only Blowjob for 67% off with our discount which makes it more than just affordable, it makes it dirt cheap. I’m sure we can all agree that less than 10 bucks for a membership to a top quality site is more than generous.

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A mate told me about this site where amateur couples fuck on live stream and he was referring to it as “cum sex cam shows”, which made very little sense to me but he’s a bit of an odd fellow. It turns out it’s a pretty good site altogether.

It made me think. I can only imagine that most of the couples on there, actually scrap that and make it people on there because there are so many categories on there and the greater minority are actually couples… that most of the people on there are there to make some money. I’dsex say extra money but I don’t believe that to be the case, at least initially you likely go there out of necessity – you need the money.

Perhaps some or even many stay because of the money and that really then depends how well you get paid and that is the crux of what I was wondering about. Does anyone have any idea how well this typically pays?

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The look on this girl’s face says it all. That is, if you’ve seen that look before. There is no mistaking it once you recognize it. She is turned on to her core. She wants cock and she wants it right now, she is craving it, starved for it and it would be the same even if she had it 10 minutes ago.

That is the look of insatiable lust that will never be tamed. The definitely not relationship material kind of girl but the most incredible one night stand or no strings attached fuck buddy you could find.

She’s about to take a load all over her face and not only is she ready for it, it’s what’s she been working towards.

Checkout this $9.95 membership to 1000 Facials where the name gives away the plot, except, fuck only knows what the genius was behind the number. Some Brainiac probably just thought it sounds cool and never considered anything beyond it but then again, nobody clicks on a porn site because of the anticipated intellectual stimulation it might provide.

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Dayhum, those eyes of hers are amazing. If she looked up at me like that with my cock in her mouth it could me at great risk of breaking my own rule and getting married again. If she swallowed my cum too, which is exactly what she does in this scene I might not be able to contain myself, but then again, technically, I wasn’t able to contain myself any longer anyways.

You can save 50% off with a Swallow Salon discount which is a healthy percentage off the regular price. They’re also flaunting a yearly members subscription which is even more heavily discounted at 48% off the regular price.

I have to confess something arbitrary. It wasn’t even all that long ago that I couldn’t fathom the fuss about swallowing. The thought of it as opposed to spitting made no impression on me and then one day, without warning or discussion my girlfriend, while maintaining eye contact like this honey in picture, took my load in her mouth, swallowed it, opened her mouth to show me and smiled.

It’s never been the same since, it woke something primal in me.

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I’m pretty sure this isn’t lube of course but rather just some old school baby oil to make and keep the fine ass all shiny and it’s super effective. Did I just unintentionally throw in a little bit of Pokemon there?

Her name is who gives a fuck and she takes it up the poop chute like a pro, just the way I like it. Meh fuck it, I’m pretty sure I’m speaking on behalf of many: “just the way we like it”.

I usually take a minute to give a surface introduction to whomever I am writing about but it would be a complete insult to any of you if I did that with Brazzers. Everyone knows exactly who they are, what they do and how well they do it.

So, what should you know then?

That we’ve successfully negotiated aĀ huge discount to Brazzers network!

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It sure looks like she’s having a lot of fun.

It is said that women are actually quite keen to let go of themselves and go totally wild in the sack but it is their fear of judgement that prevents them.

One of the biggest fantasies for women is apparently meeting up with a mysterious stranger and having a one night stand at some no name hotel in the middle of nowhere and have crazy wild sex for the night because they don’t know the person and will never meet them again.

How we as a constantly and unfairly judgmental society shoot ourselves in the foot.

So remember that guys, if ever you want to complain that your wife is not offering you the exciting sex you desire. You can actually change that if you encourage her, support her and don’t judge her.

For some seriously exciting porn though have yourself a Brazzers discount for up to 74% offĀ and here forĀ more porn discounts.

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I call bullshit on the “fact” that they’re all German and even if I’m wrong, who gives a shit?

Look a this cum guzzling whore, she can barely open her eyes but she wants more.

Some of the chicks onĀ German Goo Girls are so jizz-covered they look like they got hit by a yogurt truck.

Cumming on a chicks face is kinda cool and turns me on too, especially offloading by balls into her mouth. But these guys have some guts or zero sexual inhibitions. Circle jerking and shooting your goods on a bitches face means you are going to miss sometimes. It’s like trying to take a piss into a toilet bowl with a hard-on.

There’s going to be some friendly fire accidents.

No denying, it’s fun to watch and I get my rocks off to it so I took up the German Goo Girls 75% off discount opportunity.

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The gag reflexes on these chicks are amazing. They get throat-fucked breathless, beyond the point of just chocking. It’s spit and tears, mascara running and a lot of gargling noises. Who knew they would enjoy that kind of thing. As long as they don’t see it as abuse I guess it isn’t.

In fact, in my porn escapades I have actually seen deep-throating competitions and the women there get completely excited about it, so much so that they can hardly contain themselves. They love getting fucked like that. I have not had the pleasure myself but would love the experience if she finds it pleasing too.

Anyways, I checked out thisĀ CockChokingSluts discount which give you membership for less than 10 dollars and it happens to be part of the Evil Angel network, so I got full access to another 25 bonus sites.

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