Posted By Admin on 11/09/18

A mate told me about this site where amateur couples fuck on live stream and he was referring to it as “cum sex cam shows”, which made very little sense to me but he’s a bit of an odd fellow. It turns out it’s a pretty good site altogether.

It made me think. I can only imagine that most of the couples on there, actually scrap that and make it people on there because there are so many categories on there and the greater minority are actually couples… that most of the people on there are there to make some money. I’dsex say extra money but I don’t believe that to be the case, at least initially you likely go there out of necessity – you need the money.

Perhaps some or even many stay because of the money and that really then depends how well you get paid and that is the crux of what I was wondering about. Does anyone have any idea how well this typically pays?

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