Posted By Admin on 09/25/17

The gag reflexes on these chicks are amazing. They get throat-fucked breathless, beyond the point of just chocking. It’s spit and tears, mascara running and a lot of gargling noises. Who knew they would enjoy that kind of thing. As long as they don’t see it as abuse I guess it isn’t.

In fact, in my porn escapades I have actually seen deep-throating competitions and the women there get completely excited about it, so much so that they can hardly contain themselves. They love getting fucked like that. I have not had the pleasure myself but would love the experience if she finds it pleasing too.

Anyways, I checked out this CockChokingSluts discount which give you membership for less than 10 dollars and it happens to be part of the Evil Angel network, so I got full access to another 25 bonus sites.

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