Posted By Admin on 11/22/17

I call bullshit on the “fact” that they’re all German and even if I’m wrong, who gives a shit?

Look a this cum guzzling whore, she can barely open her eyes but she wants more.

Some of the chicks on German Goo Girls are so jizz-covered they look like they got hit by a yogurt truck.

Cumming on a chicks face is kinda cool and turns me on too, especially offloading by balls into her mouth. But these guys have some guts or zero sexual inhibitions. Circle jerking and shooting your goods on a bitches face means you are going to miss sometimes. It’s like trying to take a piss into a toilet bowl with a hard-on.

There’s going to be some friendly fire accidents.

No denying, it’s fun to watch and I get my rocks off to it so I took up the German Goo Girls discount opportunity.

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